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About Us

The founders of Castle Chess and all of our instructors have taught hundreds of classes to hundreds of students.


Phillip Wong

Phillip has a B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics from UCLA. Has been tutoring Chess, and Math privately, and for various Fremont based companies such as Berkeley Academy, Enopi Learning, and US Chess Mates. Phillip is a very keen practitioner of endgame technique.

Favorite Openings: Ruy Lopez, Queens Gambit Declined, London System

Favorite Defenses: Sicilian Defense, Kings Indian Defense

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Joshua Das

Prior to teaching chess, Joshua worked as an assistant teacher at Mission Valley Montessori where he received early childhood development training. In the last 5 years Joshua has been teaching in private schools, public schools, and even in homes for private lessons.  He teaches chess to all ages, including preschool! Catch him playing wild and crazy on!

Favorite Openings: Ruy Lopez, Kings Gambit, Veresov Attack

Favorite Defenses: Nimzo Indian Defense, Chigorin Defense, Scandinavian Defense


Austin Huo

Austin is has been teaching chess with a passion since 2013.  Prior to that he tutored math in college and high school. He has worked for US Chess Mates and Success Chess. Not only is he good at chess, he also has a pragmatic approach to teaching children. 

Favorite Openings: Italian Opening, English Opening

Favorite Defenses: French Defense, Kings Indian Defense